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Shower Screens

Do you fit kit shower screens?

We sure can! Be aware though before purchasing a kit screen that over time your homes foundations may move and so a wall that looks plumb very often is not and requires additional work to make sure it fits unlike our supply and install (where the glass is specifically cut to fit your wall). Whilst we offer kit installations, we do recommend a measure and quote first before you purchase one as the intervention needed to fit a kit screen onto a wall that is not plumb can deteriorate from the asthetics you are trying to achieve through a frameless or semi framless frame.

Shower Screen Warranties

Auscan Glass understands that you are making a significant investment in this area of your home. This is why we have come up with our warranty program. We believe we provide the best materials available therefore we can with confidence, offer a lifetime warranty on the hardware, provided you follow the care and maintenance program. Auscan glass warranties all hardware for life against deterioration of the finish, provided no harsh chemicals or cleaning agents are used. The cleaning agent must be an environmentally friendly agent. The glass itself, Auscan glass will warranty for three years against breakage. If for any reason a glass component should break we will replace it at no additional cost to you. This warranty is limited to the end user and is non transferable should you sell your home. Income properties are excluded from this warranty program. All custom shower screens receive glass protection at no additional cost. The protection is warranted by the supplier for 10 years provided the care instructions are followed. All warranties are limited and non-transferable.

Do you have more information about Pivotech?

Check out their product booklet below: pivotech Screens

What kinds of shower screens do you offer?

We offer frameless, semi frameless and framed shower screens cut to fit.


Do you offer emergency call outs?

We certainly do, simply phone us on 0406 265 635 and as for a quote.


What kinds of residential window services do you offer?

We are well known for our professional repairs on windows in residential properties throughout Brisbane and south east Queensland. We can provide any solution to your issues from general repairs, fixing leaks and glass replacement. Repairs we regularly do are:
Screen repairs
Secondary glazing for sound reduction
Fixing leaks
Glass replacement Simply call us on 0406 265 635 to chat about your needs.


What kind of glass/quality do you use in your splashbacks?

Auscan glass only uses low iron glass (starfire) for your splashback thus not compromising the actual colour that you have chosen.

Are glass splashbacks superior to tiles?

We think so. Glass splashbacks are extremely durable and resilient. They are low maintenance which means no more scrubbing with harsh chemicals to keep this area of your home clean. The most common complaint with tiled splashback is that mould, fats and grease easily adhere to the grout which is not an issue with glass.

Can you provide pictures printed behind the glass?

Sure can, we can provide any images printed behind the glass though our ImageKote service.

What colour options are available?

We can offer any color splashback from the Dulux color ranges giving you the best choice to suit your needs.

How do I care for a glass splashback?

Looking after your glass could not be simpler. To maintain your glass you should clean it with a soft soap. We recommend earth’s choice or any environmentally friendly product for your cleaning. Nothing abrasive can be used to clean any glass product.

Do you have a warrenty on your glass splashbacks?

All our painted and printed splashback products come with a 20-year suppliers guarantee from paint fading, paint cracking and also paint blistering. provided the splashback is not in direct sunlight.

Do you have image Kote examples?

Sure do, simply check out their website here:

Doors (sliding & mirror)

Do you offer sliding doors?

Yes! We offer mirrored sliding doors and framed vinyl sliding doors. Sliding doors are a great option when space is limited and mirrored doors give the appearance of the room being larger than what it is.

Do you offer mirrored sliding doors?

Yes! We offer mirrored sliding doors and framed vinyl sliding doors. Sliding doors are a great option when space is limited and mirrored doors give the appearance of the room being larger than what it is.

Can I opt for coloured panels?

Yes! You can have colored glass panels in your wardrobe doors to match your bedroom decor.

Do your doors have sliders?

Yes! Our doors have low profile sliders that offer quiet, smooth and a controlled feel.

Pool Fences

Do I need a pool fence

Yes, swimming pool or spa fences are required by law. All glass used for pool fencing/balustrading is toughened and meets Australian standards.AS/NZS 1288/2208.

Do you offer various styles of pool fence?

Yes, we offer three popular styles:
Semi Frameless

Are there variations in quality with pool fencing?

All pool fences are designed to withstand the elements, but at Auscan glass we pride ourselves in using Australian toughened ‘grade A’ security glass that is tailored to suit any and all of your requirements. Unlike other suppliers, this grade quality ensures your safety of your loved ones around your glass pool fence.

Do the steel clamps tarnish?

We provide mini glass clamps that are made from a selection of high-quality materials such as stainless steel that is electropolished to withstand any environmental staining. We can also offer powder coated aluminum that is low maintenance.

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