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Want to upgrade your tiled splashback? We can help!


Auscan glass provides top quality installation and an almost unlimited selection of all types of glass splashbacks throughout Brisbane and southeast Queensland.



Did you know there is a reason that quotes for splashbacks will vary by a large margin (and it isn't anything to do with the premium the tradesman wants to make)?


Quality is the biggest reason for the difference in price. Here at Auscan Glass we only use low iron glass. Cheaper glass has a greenish hue which changes the colour beneath it. We also only buy glass from trusted providers thus avoiding the issues that arise with larger organisations (that buy cheap glass hardened in another countries climate), in bulk.


Our glass splashbacks are extremely durable and resilient. They are low maintenance which means no more scrubbing with harsh chemicals to keep this area of your home clean. Forget the  mould, fats and grease easily adhere to the grout of tiled splashbacks.


We can offer any color splashback from the Dulux color ranges giving you the best choice to suit your needs.  Along with this, we can provide any images printed behind the glass though our ImageKote service. We  are also an accredited laminex installer for Metaline.

For colour options please refer to the Dulux color chart.

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