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Glazier Services

More and more Queensland homes include a swimming pool or spa (and a fence is required by law). But don't fret, ugly pipe fences are not your only option!


We offer a wonderful pipe fence alternative! Our hardened glass fencing is perfect if you want to maintain an uninterrupted view of your investment. All glass used for pool fencing/balustrading must be toughened and meet Australian standards.

Here in Brisbane, there are three popular glass fencing options:




All pool fences are designed to withstand the elements, at Auscan glass we pride ourselves in using Australian toughened ‘grade A’ security glass that is tailored to suit any and all of your requirements avoiding the issues of bulk imported glasses hardened in the climate of other countries.


We provide mini glass clamps that are made from a selection of high-quality materials such as stainless steel that is electropolished to withstand any environmental staining. We can also offer powder coated aluminum that is low maintenance.

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