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Renovations? Broken Doors? Just need an update? We have you covered!


From deluxe shower cubicles with all the trimmings to basic and functional
Auscan glass can help you find the perfect solution for your shower screen budget.


We source high-quality glass to cut and fit semi-frameless screens offering a modern and contemporary look and feel right through to framed cubicles.



Did you know that your foundations move over the time your home settles?


It's true, so for homes that have this movement installing a 'one size fits all' kit cubical will result in a gap between the top or bottom of the screen where it connects to the wall. Unlike many providers out there, instead of placing a plastic frame into your frameless or semi-frameless shower (ruining the aesthetics) to hide the gap, here at Auscan glass, we cut to fit your wall taking into account any imperfections caused by tiles or the shower floor to ensure the best possible fit.


All custom shower screens receive glass protection at no additional cost. The protection is warranted by the supplier for 10 years provided the care instructions are followed.

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